Welcome To Eyedodo .We're selling popular cosmetic lens and beauty items from Korea and Japan
We're selling popular cosmetic lens and beauty items from Korea and Japan
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Payment 付款方式



Payment Methods


We accept Visa, Master or any credit card through PayPal gateway




Q: What payment options do you offer ? Is making payment in Eyedodo.com safe?

Ans: We accept payments via PayPal.

Yes,it is safe. When you make the payment you'll redirected to the PayPal Payment Page which is SSL (Secure Socket Layers) encrypted. Paypal will handle all the payment, including credit card services, Eyedodo.com  will not keep any of your financial information.


Q: Can I purchase using VISA / MASTER/ AMERICAN EXPRESS Credit card?

Ans: Yes.


Q: Do I need to create a PayPal account if I am using VISA / MASTER Credit card?

Ans: Not necessarily. You can pay with your credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) — all without having a PayPal account.




Q: Do you accept concealed cash or money order?

Sorry we do not accept concealed cash payment and money order, it is unsafe to do so. We only accept credit card / PayPal


Q: What currency do you accept?

We accept USD currency only. Although you can view in different currency (Euro, Pounds, Aus, NZ Dollar), when come to payment, we only accept USD currency. Meaning the different currency you saw is just a reference. Eg. you view product price in Pounds, but when come to payment, you will pay us in USD.


Q: Do I have to calculate from USD to my country’s currency?

The exchange rate is dependent upon the method of payment you select. For payments processed through credit card, there may be a conversion fee. To calculate the exact rate or conversion fee, we recommend use paypal echange rate or contacting your credit card company or bank.